Study Habits - What will we cover?


We know the types of study habits, we WANT. But we just can't seem to get there.

Students avoid doing questions. This is a fact of life for every lecturer! There is ALWAYS a 'good reason' why NOW is not the time to do a question. What we're not always aware of, is how much of this avoidance comes from internal messaging and our fears.

We have the best of intentions to do what our lecturers advise, and to do questions, but somehow there's always SOMETHING that gets in the way, and trips us up. Hence, I call these your 'Tripwires'

We can't 'just change' the way we feel and think, we need to MAKE a change, and that means taking control of the way we think and actively changing our thought processes.

I'm going to give you a specific tool to 'change your mind'

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