Study Mindset - What will we cover?

Study Mindset

When students ask for help to improve their studying and marks, they always start with the practical stuff. Time management, their focus and motivation. The truth is that the stuff that really impacts them, is often stuff they haven't thought of. I call these the underlying issues.

I introduce them in this section, and explain HOW it affects your studying. Here are some concepts we'll cover in this section (and you'll hear me refer to these through the rest of the course, so pay attention!)

  • Fixed vs Growth mindset
  • You vs Your Brain (Logic vs Emotion)
  • Your instinctive study approach, and how it affects your marks

I'll be referring back to these videos through the course, it's a good thing to come back to these when you feel yourself slipping into bad habits. When you fully understand the logic behind these things, our advice makes more sense

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