Study Strategy - What will we cover?

What is a 'study strategy'?

Students are quick to jump into study plans and schedules. What should I study this week etc? This is pretty pointless if you don't keep a firm eye on what your goal is. What are you working towards? Are you making sure that each study session is getting you closer to your goal? Or are you focussing so much on the 'work', that you're not strategising how you need to USE the work. 

In this section, we chat about your study goals and expectations for your preparation for your exam. We talk about whether you're actually studying TOWARDS the exam? Or whether you jump into content without spending time considering what you have to DO with it.

It is important to approach your study prep in the right way. It's important that you're able to step back and ask yourself whether you're still on the path to your goal.

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