Skill 6: Structure & Planning - What will we cover?

Structures / Planning

Our lecturers are always telling us to 'plan our answers' before we start writing. BUT HOW!?

Most students I work with struggle to plan their solutions effectively. There are a number of reasons for this, but the result is the same: Longer, and Discussion-type questions are a major problem. Why?

  • There's no 'format', there's no 'formula'.
  • Once you look at the solution, you can see the logic, and the way they broke the answer down, but how were YOU supposed to know to use that approach?
  • How were YOU supposed to know the amount of detail they wanted? 

We very seldom have lecturers to mark our stuff for us, so we're left on our own to figure this out. On top of that, very few lecturers are able to tell us HOW we were supposed to get to that structure / approach ourselves. If we see a different question, how are we supposed to deal with that one? Do we copy the one we did last time? 

I'm going to give you a specific methodology to follow to learn how to structure and plan your questions yourself.

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