Skill 5: Communication - What will we cover?

Discussion Questions

Most of us got into accounting because we're good with NUMBERS! Then we start finding more and more discussion-type questions popping up. This was NOT what we signed up for!

Students KNOW the stuff, but they can't put it in words properly to get the marks.

Basic Structure

My starting point here is to create a basic structure for you to work with. Obviously different questions require different skills, but we need to start somewhere, and this will be understanding what the common challenges are, and how to create a basic discussion in your questions. 

There are a few challenges to this as well, here are three big ones:

  • The balance between theory, application and conclusions
  • Writing a lot, in a limited amount of time
  • We're not natural 'writers', so it takes us a while to get our thoughts together to make those lovely sentences that are on the solution!

Practice these on a few questions, and as you improve, you'll find your communication skills will stretch.

This will take practice. Follow these steps RELIGIOUSLY, to develop a thought process that will get you marks

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