Skill 4: Strategic vs Technical Thinking - What will we cover?

Your goal is to get more than 50% of the marks on the markplan

When we answer questions, we get lost in being a 'subject-matter expert'. We want to get the DETAIL right, the ANSWER right, we want to show that we have expertise. 

The problem is that exams are designed and marked more like 'games' than an expert consultation. 

When you're writing exams, you need to shift gears between solving the problem and considering the cost/benefit of solving them. In this case, it's 'time vs marks'. The more you understand how exams are designed, the more you can practice gathering marks for all your questions, and continually keep the thought of what your purpose is throughout the exam.

Students struggle with this because they want to do everything 'properly'. They want to FINISH questions. While this is admirable, it is also dangerous given the time it takes for you to do it properly, and the easy marks you're losing along the way.

I'm going to give you more understanding of exam design, and some practical approaches to gather marks and focus on 'time vs marks'

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