Skill 3: BMCR - What will we cover?

Basic Mark Conversion Ratio (BMCR)

We feel that if we get 30% for a question, it means that we only know 30% of the work, so we go back to revision. This is NOT TRUE.

You may have lost marks because you haven't communicated what you know correctly, or in enough detail. Or, you haven't applied what you know to this situation. Theory studying will not solve either of these issues.

This is a marking tool designed to help you identify what you need to focus on. Do you really need to study more theory? Do you need to work on application? Communication? 

The BMCR is going to show you just how much you know, and whether you're getting marks for ANYTHING you know.

We're going to give you a specific methodology for marking your questions, and assessing and analysing your BMCR

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