Skill 1: Planning the Case Study - What will we cover?

Planning your case study

TIME is a HUGE issue in exams. It is crucial that you use the reading time wisely. The better you can plan your case study, the more time you save in the question. 

Here's why you need to work on this as a skill, and possibly CHANGE the way you've been doing this:

  • To avoid re-reading the case study info repeatedly when you're answering, because you can't find the details you remember reading
  • You highlighted something and didn't deal with it in your answer, because you ran out of time, couldn't find it, or forgot about it
  • You don't actually read the whole case study in the reading time 
  • You spend time 'working out' info in the reading time that you don't actually need for the required

I'm going to give you a specific methodology for planning the information in your case study 

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