How should you work through this course?

There's a LOT of valuable stuff in here, let's make sure you get as much value out of it as possible!

Study Strategy

Time: 2 Hours

Watch these. There is no task for you to do after this, other than to reflect on whether your study strategy needs to be updated based on what you've watched.

The contents of the course will help make this more practical, but we have to assess whether our study strategy 'fits' the goals we have.

Study Mindset

Time: 2 Hours

These may be the MOST important videos. While I know you want to get into the specifics of HOW to study better, we need to start by looking at what drives our habits and WHY we cling to the habits and strategies we have. Most of my students have found this by FAR the most valuable of the content they've worked through.

Study Habits

Time: 1 Hour

HOW DO WE CHANGE HABITS!? It is a lot tougher than we like to think, and this provides a practical approach that draws on the stuff we've discussed in both Study Strategy and Study Mindset to start CHOOSING our habits, instead of just following them. The task here is to complete the 'Tripwires' worksheet.

(You need to keep your Tripwires with you for ALL the studying you do)

Skills 1 - 8

I would suggest that you work through each Skill, and do a short-ish question (about 20 marks) using the methodology, applying the stuff in that Skill. Most of the Skill's content is way under an hour, so this will not take long. Watch the content, then try a question using just THAT skill. It won't be perfect, but it's important as part of the process of shifting an exam and study approach. I wouldn't suggest doing more than 2 questions this way, before moving onto the next Skill. 

They're all built in a way that builds on eachother as well, so as you move through them, your exam skills move from the reading, the required, basic mark assessment, communication, structuring and planning, to marking. So it's a pretty good order to work on these skills. 

It would be great if you could follow this process:

  • Work through a Skill's content
  • Do a 20-ish mark question to apply just that skill
  • Do another 20-ish mark question applying all the skills in combination that you've done up to now
  • Move to the next Skill

As you do each one, it will consolidate the past skill, and add the next one. It always takes a while to build skills, so it's unreasonable to expect that you'd 'perfect' one before moving onto another. As you work through questions, and apply the skills to different questions, you can also go back to the Skill contents to revise something, or obviously ask me, if you're trying to figure out how to apply it, or if something isn't making sense. 

The faster you can go through all the skills this way, the better. This means that most of your studying can be done while combining and improving ALL those skills, which is obviously most beneficial for your studies. Obviously, some types of questions will require more of some skills than others ;)

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